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smt: Make status and length volatile for mod_smt_memory

Created by: nicola-mazzucato-arm

There is an intermittent error on TF-A side when reading the mailbox. The error is due to the mailbox message length not matching the expectation: ASSERT: drivers/arm/css/scmi/scmi_pwr_dmn_proto.c:48

This is due to a race between SCP writing the data and TF-A reading them.

Effectively, the compiler seems to perform some minor optimisations with the local mod_smt_memory resulting in the expected writing sequence to be altered. This is seen in smt_respond().

To remove such optimisations, force the length and status to be volatile. With this patch the sequence of writing into smt is restored and the error in TF-A disappears.

Change-Id: I0127b9aa3cd1b54643ffdb2ca5ddce9fc9569bea Signed-off-by: Nicola Mazzucato

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