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sds: clear data valid flag after SCP RAM FW has been transferred

Darryl Green requested to merge github/fork/uarif1/sds_reboot_flag into master

Created by: uarif1

At reboot, the AP SRAM can retain its contents. In that case, if the image flag indicating SCP RAM FW transfer isn't cleared, the ROM FW will find a valid sds struct, with the flag set and copy whatever is present in AP SRAM as SCP RAM FW for execution, before AP has a chance to set the flag. Hence clear the image flag, so that at reboot, the flag is set by AP only after the RAM FW has been copied.

Signed-off-by: Usama Arif Change-Id: I88a574daa4876102a7390e227e23016c01cbf986

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