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cmn700: fix SYS_CACHE_GRP_SN_NODEID calculation

Darryl Green requested to merge github/fork/tonykn-arm/cmn_bug_fix-upstream into master

Created by: tonykn-arm

Every internal RN-SAM node has 32 SYS_CACHE_GRP_SN_NODEID registers to store corresponding SNF ids. Each SYS_CACHE_GRP_SN_NODEID register targets four SN node IDs. Previously, the value for each register was calculated iteratively and was stored in the sn_nodeid_group[group] array temporarily. Once the entire calculation was over, the contents of the array were assigned to the corresponding SYS_CACHE_GRP_SN_NODEID registers.

The values in the sn_nodeid_group[group] array were not cleared before the calculation of the next RN-SAM nodes. This caused incorrect calculation of the SYS_CACHE_GRP_SN_NODEID register values for the next RN-SAM nodes.

To fix this, this patch directly calculates SYS_CACHE_GRP_SN_NODEID values for each cache group from the values in the snf_table array. The array sn_nodeid group is removed from the device context since it is no longer used for SYS_CACHE_GRP_SN_NODEID calculation.

Change-Id: Ic9dc4b4520c09aad4589576b9eeb644e68e8afb3 Signed-off-by: Tony K Nadackal

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