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Allow a selected list of PID/CID registers to compare

Darryl Green requested to merge github/fork/leandro-arm/rdn2 into master

Created by: leandro-arm

Certain peripherals have only a partial set of valid PID and CID identification registers. On such peripherals, the PID and CID register address offsets remain the same even though only a partial set of registers are valid. Reading the invalid PID/CID registers lead to a implementation specific behaviour. For example, such reads could cause bus aborts.

For the supported platforms, allow the module configuration data to specify the valid set of PID/CID registers to be compared. The valid set of registers are represented as a bitmap.

Peripherals could implement a smaller set of PID/CID registers for its identification and reading unimplemented registers could cause aborts. So allow modules to specify a valid set of PID/CID register values that have to be examined against a set of expected values.

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