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module/power_domain: Only respond to `SYSTEM_SHUTDOWN` if necessary

Darryl Green requested to merge github/fork/leandro-arm/master into master

Created by: leandro-arm

Upon receiving a PD_EVENT_IDX_SYSTEM_SHUTDOWN event, check_and_notify_system_shutdown() checks for subscribers to the MOD_PD_NOTIFICATION_IDX_PRE_SHUTDOWN notification and notifies them. If there are subscribers, the is_delayed_response flag of the PD_EVENT_IDX_SYSTEM_SHUTDOWN event is set in order to wait for the subscribers answer. However, this message does not require an answer as the response_requested field of this event is never set.

Check that:

  • The response_requested flag is set in the event input parameter in order to only answer if a response was requested.
  • mod_pd_ctx.system_shutdown.cookie was set if a delayed answer is expected. The cookie and the ongoing are then reset.

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