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mod_sensor: Add support for SCMI get configuration messages

Andrew Graham requested to merge ag/enable_sensor into main

This patch adds a boolean flag to the mod_sensor_info structure. This flag is called "disabled".

If this flag is set to "true", then the sensor starts in a disabled state.

If set to false, then the sensor starts in an enabled state.

In addition, the patch adds initialisation of "disabled" flag for all sensors on all platforms.

Together, these changes allow sensors to start in an enabled or a disabled state.

This patch adds two functions to the mod_sensor api to enable or disable the sensor. Specifically, these functions call functions within the driver api (if provided) to set the "disabled" flag to true or false.

This patch adds an API to update the update interval time period and multiplier down to the driver.

Change-Id: Ia186621af4ca252cc08a7e2bb673a8df7693acab Signed-off-by: Andrew Graham

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