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Add Interface in Neoverse RD platform for IO Block and Address Remapper

Nishant Sharma requested to merge ns/neoverse_rd_interface into main

Neoverse reference design platforms include an IO block that connects the PCIe bus or other SoC-specific IO devices to the compute subsystem. On the RD-N2 platform, NIC does not support the dynamic configuration of the system address map and PCIe integration controller is used to support it. For subsequent generations of platforms, the IO block has been generalized by using a programmable NIC and SMMU to interface with PCIe or other IO devices to the compute subsystem.

As there are now two variants of the IO block supporting the Neoverse reference design platforms, the common PCIe bus configuration drivers will need a platform-independent abstraction to interface with them. Therefore, a new interface definition is required to provide a platform-independent abstraction for common code to interface with the various IO block variants.

Signed-off-by: Nishant Sharma Change-Id: Ica7d7ed1c352d6ebed3107e0635a546274e54829

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