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    Merge tag 'for-linus' of git:// · 22447828
    Linus Torvalds authored
    Pull KVM fixes from Paolo Bonzini:
     "ARM fixes:
       - Another state update on exit to userspace fix
       - Prevent the creation of mixed 32/64 VMs
       - Fix regression with irqbypass not restarting the guest on failed
       - Fix regression with debug register decoding resulting in
         overlapping access
       - Commit exception state on exit to usrspace
       - Fix the MMU notifier return values
       - Add missing 'static' qualifiers in the new host stage-2 code
      x86 fixes:
       - fix guest missed wakeup with assigned devices
       - fix WARN reported by syzkaller
       - do not use BIT() in UAPI headers
       - make the kvm_amd.avic parameter bool
      PPC fixes:
       - make halt polling heuristics consistent with other architectures
       - various fixes
       - new performance selftest memslot_perf_test
       - test UFFD minor faults in demand_paging_test"
    * tag 'for-linus' of git:// (44 commits)
      selftests: kvm: fix overlapping addresses in memslot_perf_test
      KVM: X86: Kill off ctxt->ud
      KVM: X86: Fix warning caused by stale emulation context
      KVM: X86: Use kvm_get_linear_rip() in single-step and #DB/#BP interception
      KVM: x86/mmu: Fix comment mentioning skip_4k
      KVM: VMX: update vcpu posted-interrupt descriptor when assigning device
      KVM: x86: add start_assignment hook to kvm_x86_ops
      KVM: LAPIC: Narrow the timer latency between wait_lapic_expire and world switch
      selftests: kvm: do only 1 memslot_perf_test run by default
      KVM: X86: Use _BITUL() macro in UAPI headers
      KVM: selftests: add shared hugetlbfs backing source type
      KVM: selftests: allow using UFFD minor faults for demand paging
      KVM: selftests: create alias mappings when using shared memory
      KVM: selftests: add shmem backing source type
      KVM: selftests: refactor vm_mem_backing_src_type flags
      KVM: selftests: allow different backing source types
      KVM: selftests: compute correct demand paging size
      KVM: selftests: simplify setup_demand_paging error handling
      KVM: selftests: Print a message if /dev/kvm is missing