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    ARM: imx: add suspend/resume support for i.mx6ul · ee4a5f83
    Anson Huang authored
    This patch adds suspend function for i.MX6UL, it supports
    "standby" and "mem" mode, for "standby" mode, SoC will
    enter STOP mode only, while for "mem" mode, SoC will
    enter STOP mode and DDR IO will be set to low power
    As i.MX6UL contains a "Cortex-A7" ARM core which has no
    PL310, so we need to avoid any PL310 operations during
    suspend/resume, also, we need to flush Cortex-A7's inernal
    L2 cache before suspend.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarAnson Huang <b20788@freescale.com>