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    Merge branch 'for_linus' of git:// · 61e5191c
    Linus Torvalds authored
    Pull x86 platform driver updates from Matthew Garrett:
     "Some significant updates to samsung-laptop, additional hardware
      support for Toshibas, misc updates to various hardware and a new
      backlight driver for some Apple machines."
    Fix up trivial conflicts: geode Geos update happening next to net5501
    support, and MSIC thermal platform support added twice.
    * 'for_linus' of git:// (77 commits)
      acer-wmi: add quirk table for video backlight vendor mode
      drivers/platform/x86/amilo-rfkill.c::amilo_rfkill_probe() avoid NULL deref
      samsung-laptop: unregister ACPI video module for some well known laptops
      acer-wmi: No wifi rfkill on Sony machines
      thinkpad-acpi: recognize Lenovo as version string in newer V-series BIOS
      asus-wmi: don't update power and brightness when using scalar
      eeepc-wmi: split et2012 specific hacks
      eeepc-wmi: refine quirks handling
      asus-nb-wmi: set panel_power correctly
      asus-wmi: move WAPF variable into quirks_entry
      asus-wmi: store backlight power status for AIO machine
      asus-wmi: add scalar board brightness adj. support
      samsung-laptop: cleanup return type: mode_t vs umode_t
      drivers, samsung-laptop: fix usage of isalnum
      drivers, samsung-laptop: fix initialization of sabi_data in sabi_set_commandb
      asus-wmi: on/off bit is not set when reading the value
      eeepc-wmi: add extra keymaps for EP121
      asus-nb-wmi: ignore useless keys
      acer-wmi: support Lenovo ideapad S205 Brazos wifi switch
      acer-wmi: fix out of input parameter size when set