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    net: add wireless TX status socket option · 6e3e939f
    Johannes Berg authored
    The 802.1X EAPOL handshake hostapd does requires
    knowing whether the frame was ack'ed by the peer.
    Currently, we fudge this pretty badly by not even
    transmitting the frame as a normal data frame but
    injecting it with radiotap and getting the status
    out of radiotap monitor as well. This is rather
    complex, confuses users (mon.wlan0 presence) and
    doesn't work with all hardware.
    To get rid of that hack, introduce a real wifi TX
    status option for data frame transmissions.
    This works similar to the existing TX timestamping
    in that it reflects the SKB back to the socket's
    error queue with a SCM_WIFI_STATUS cmsg that has
    an int indicating ACK status (0/1).
    Since it is possible that at some point we will
    want to have TX timestamping and wifi status in a
    single errqueue SKB (there's little point in not
    doing that), redefine SO_EE_ORIGIN_TIMESTAMPING
    to SO_EE_ORIGIN_TXSTATUS which can collect more
    than just the timestamp; keep the old constant
    as an alias of course. Currently the internal APIs
    don't make that possible, but it wouldn't be hard
    to split them up in a way that makes it possible.
    Thanks to Neil Horman for helping me figure out
    the functions that add the control messages.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJohannes Berg <>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJohn W. Linville <>