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    [NET]: Add per-connection option to set max TSO frame size · 82cc1a7a
    Peter P Waskiewicz Jr authored
    Update: My mailer ate one of Jarek's feedback mails...  Fixed the
    parameter in netif_set_gso_max_size() to be u32, not u16.  Fixed the
    whitespace issue due to a patch import botch.  Changed the types from
    u32 to unsigned int to be more consistent with other variables in the
    area.  Also brought the patch up to the latest net-2.6.26 tree.
    Update: Made gso_max_size container 32 bits, not 16.  Moved the
    location of gso_max_size within netdev to be less hotpath.  Made more
    consistent names between the sock and netdev layers, and added a
    define for the max GSO size.
    Update: Respun for net-2.6.26 tree.
    Update: changed max_gso_frame_size and sk_gso_max_size from signed to
    unsigned - thanks Stephen!
    This patch adds the ability for device drivers to control the size of
    the TSO frames being sent to them, per TCP connection.  By setting the
    netdevice's gso_max_size value, the socket layer will set the GSO
    frame size based on that value.  This will propogate into the TCP
    layer, and send TSO's of that size to the hardware.
    This can be desirable to help tune the bursty nature of TSO on a
    per-adapter basis, where one may have 1 GbE and 10 GbE devices
    coexisting in a system, one running multiqueue and the other not, etc.
    This can also be desirable for devices that cannot support full 64 KB
    TSO's, but still want to benefit from some level of segmentation
    Signed-off-by: default avatarPeter P Waskiewicz Jr <>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>