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    param: hand arguments after -- straight to init · 51e158c1
    Rusty Russell authored
    The kernel passes any args it doesn't need through to init, except it
    assumes anything containing '.' belongs to the kernel (for a module).
    This change means all users can clearly distinguish which arguments
    are for init.
    For example, the kernel uses debug ("dee-bug") to mean log everything to
    the console, where systemd uses the debug from the Scandinavian "day-boog"
    meaning "fail to boot".  If a future versions uses argv[] instead of
    reading /proc/cmdline, this confusion will be avoided.
    eg: test 'FOO="this is --foo"' -- 'systemd.debug="true true true"'
    argv[0] = '/debug-init'
    argv[1] = 'test'
    argv[2] = 'systemd.debug=true true true'
    envp[0] = 'HOME=/'
    envp[1] = 'TERM=linux'
    envp[2] = 'FOO=this is --foo'
    Signed-off-by: default avatarRusty Russell <rusty@rustcorp.com.au>