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    slub: make dead caches discard free slabs immediately · d6e0b7fa
    Vladimir Davydov authored
    To speed up further allocations SLUB may store empty slabs in per cpu/node
    partial lists instead of freeing them immediately.  This prevents per
    memcg caches destruction, because kmem caches created for a memory cgroup
    are only destroyed after the last page charged to the cgroup is freed.
    To fix this issue, this patch resurrects approach first proposed in [1].
    It forbids SLUB to cache empty slabs after the memory cgroup that the
    cache belongs to was destroyed.  It is achieved by setting kmem_cache's
    cpu_partial and min_partial constants to 0 and tuning put_cpu_partial() so
    that it would drop frozen empty slabs immediately if cpu_partial = 0.
    The runtime overhead is minimal.  From all the hot functions, we only
    touch relatively cold put_cpu_partial(): we make it call
    unfreeze_partials() after freezing a slab that belongs to an offline
    memory cgroup.  Since slab freezing exists to avoid moving slabs from/to a
    partial list on free/alloc, and there can't...