Commit f83140c1 authored by Martin Brandenburg's avatar Martin Brandenburg Committed by Mike Marshall
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orangefs: clean up truncate ctime and mtime setting

The ctime and mtime are always updated on a successful ftruncate and
only updated on a successful truncate where the size changed.

We handle the ``if the size changed'' bit.

This matches FUSE's behavior.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMartin Brandenburg <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarMike Marshall <>
parent 2fa37fd7
......@@ -204,22 +204,8 @@ static int orangefs_setattr_size(struct inode *inode, struct iattr *iattr)
if (ret != 0)
return ret;
* Only change the c/mtime if we are changing the size or we are
* explicitly asked to change it. This handles the semantic difference
* between truncate() and ftruncate() as implemented in the VFS.
* The regular truncate() case without ATTR_CTIME and ATTR_MTIME is a
* special case where we need to update the times despite not having
* these flags set. For all other operations the VFS set these flags
* explicitly if it wants a timestamp update.
if (orig_size != i_size_read(inode) &&
!(iattr->ia_valid & (ATTR_CTIME | ATTR_MTIME))) {
iattr->ia_ctime = iattr->ia_mtime =
if (orig_size != i_size_read(inode))
iattr->ia_valid |= ATTR_CTIME | ATTR_MTIME;
return ret;
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