Commit f8ff080d authored by Veaceslav Falico's avatar Veaceslav Falico Committed by David S. Miller
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bonding: remove useless updating of slave->dev->last_rx

Now that all the logic is handled via last_arp_rx, we don't need to use

CC: Jay Vosburgh <>
CC: Andy Gospodarek <>
CC: "David S. Miller" <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarVeaceslav Falico <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent ff71529d
......@@ -1115,9 +1115,6 @@ static rx_handler_result_t bond_handle_frame(struct sk_buff **pskb)
slave = bond_slave_get_rcu(skb->dev);
bond = slave->bond;
if (bond->params.arp_interval)
slave->dev->last_rx = jiffies;
recv_probe = ACCESS_ONCE(bond->recv_probe);
if (recv_probe) {
ret = recv_probe(skb, bond, slave);
......@@ -1312,13 +1312,7 @@ struct net_device {
* Cache lines mostly used on receive path (including eth_type_trans())
unsigned long last_rx; /* Time of last Rx
* This should not be set in
* drivers, unless really needed,
* because network stack (bonding)
* use it if/when necessary, to
* avoid dirtying this cache line.
unsigned long last_rx; /* Time of last Rx */
/* Interface address info used in eth_type_trans() */
unsigned char *dev_addr; /* hw address, (before bcast
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