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Verified Commit 1bd45846 authored by Mark Brown's avatar Mark Brown
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Merge branch 'regmap-5.4' into regmap-next

parents 0161b871 9d52a35e
......@@ -588,14 +588,6 @@ void regmap_debugfs_init(struct regmap *map, const char *name)
map->debugfs = debugfs_create_dir(name, regmap_debugfs_root);
if (!map->debugfs) {
"Failed to create %s debugfs directory\n", name);
map->debugfs_name = NULL;
debugfs_create_file("name", 0400, map->debugfs,
map, &regmap_name_fops);
......@@ -672,10 +664,6 @@ void regmap_debugfs_initcall(void)
struct regmap_debugfs_node *node, *tmp;
regmap_debugfs_root = debugfs_create_dir("regmap", NULL);
if (!regmap_debugfs_root) {
pr_warn("regmap: Failed to create debugfs root\n");
list_for_each_entry_safe(node, tmp, &regmap_debugfs_early_list, link) {
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