Commit cf57d607 authored by Dimitris Papastamos's avatar Dimitris Papastamos Committed by Mark Brown
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regmap: debugfs: Optimize seeking within blocks of registers

Optimize this so that we can better guess where to start scanning
from.  We know the length of the register field format, therefore
given the file pointer position align to the nearest register
field and scan from there onwards.  We round down in this calculation
and we let the rest of the code figure out where to start scanning

Signed-off-by: default avatarDimitris Papastamos <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarMark Brown <>
parent c2c1ee66
......@@ -139,15 +139,17 @@ static unsigned int regmap_debugfs_get_dump_start(struct regmap *map,
ret = base;
/* Find the relevant block */
/* Find the relevant block:offset */
list_for_each_entry(c, &map->debugfs_off_cache, list) {
if (from >= c->min && from <= c->max) {
*pos = c->min;
return c->base_reg;
fpos_offset = from - c->min;
reg_offset = fpos_offset / map->debugfs_tot_len;
*pos = c->min + (reg_offset * map->debugfs_tot_len);
return c->base_reg + reg_offset;
*pos = c->min;
ret = c->base_reg;
*pos = c->max;
ret = c->max_reg;
return ret;
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