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Add contributed EBBR sequence files

It is convenient to have those sequence files at hand to analyse results
obtained with the different ACS-IR published versions.

Signed-off-by: Vincent Stehlé's avatarVincent Stehlé <>
parent d56fa37f
......@@ -326,3 +326,19 @@ their test run according to the log file.
We create artificial tests entries for those dropped tests sets, with the
"result" fields set to "SKIPPED".
## Contributed files
A few contributed files are stored in sub-folders under `contrib` for
Sub-folder Contents
--------------------- --------------------------------------------------------
`v21.05_0.8_BETA-0/` EBBR sequence file from [ACS-IR v21.05_0.8_BETA-0].
`v21.07_0.9_BETA/` EBBR sequence files from [ACS-IR v21.07_0.9_BETA].
[ACS-IR v21.05_0.8_BETA-0]:
[ACS-IR v21.07_0.9_BETA]:
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