Commit 5611dd8e authored by Aditya Angadi's avatar Aditya Angadi Committed by Thomas Abraham
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build: allow product specific build parameters

Add a new build parameter 'PRODUCT_BUILD_PARAMS' for SCP build that
allows additional build time parameters to be specified. This allows
product specific build parameters to be specified for build.

The additional build parameters can be listed as one or more tuple
with the format "<param1=value1> [<param2=value2>] [<paramN=valueN>]
Signed-off-by: Thomas Abraham's avatarThomas Abraham <>
Signed-off-by: Aditya Angadi's avatarAditya Angadi <>
Change-Id: I5489cb3849a7e00e7e74de929d5ec43739f5a7cd
parent c0daa4ea
......@@ -213,3 +213,9 @@ help:
@echo " Default: $(LOG_LEVEL)"
@echo " Filter log messages less important than this level."
@echo ""
@echo " Value: one or more tuple with tuple format 'param=value'"
@echo " Default: none"
@echo " Set additional build parameters for the product."
@echo ""
# Add optional product specific build definitions
# Returns a path relative to the top directory
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